X-Mercs Contest

What could be better than winning a nice gift? For example, a new quadrocopter!

Factions Section Update

During the next few weeks, every Wednesday, we will be posting articles about the world of X-Mercs: Invasion and the gameplay features.

New screenshots and gamescom 2014 photos

Last week, gamescom 2014 finished. Several Game Insight projects were presented there, X-Mercs: Invasion being one of them. Every guest had the chance to play our new games, and many of them enjoyed the opportunity! You can see for yourself what did the game booth look like.

Global Fight

X-Mercs: Invasion is the newest Game Insight project; the game is settled in a great fantastic universe of the future. Maybe you are acquainted with the game already and would like to know more about the world of X-Mercs: Invasion? We’d be happy to answer your questions; we’ll also invite the game developers so that they may tell you how this game world was created and share the latest news with you as well.

X-mercs: Invasion: See the new screenshots!

Perhaps you’ve already seen our gameplay video, and now we present to you several screenshots showing your troops during missions, game interface and some other features. 

2039: The comet approaches

It’s time to lift the veil hiding the future world, in which the game story unfolds. The year is 2039. The place is Earth. Peace has been finally established all over the world, with all the major countries signing the Collaboration Agreement. War conflicts became history, and even the energy crisis could not cast a shadow over the starting age of Order and Prosperity.

X-Mercs: Invasion video

Today we introduce the first official X-Mercs: Invasion video. Here you will see the first steps in the game, get acquainted with the basic game mechanics and see the Tech Tree. Join us to learn more about X-Mercs: Invasion!

Invasion is inevitable!

Game Insight is delighted to present to you its new strategy game for mobile devices, X-Mercs: Invasion. Are you ready to fight off an alien invasion? Do you want to save the human race and forge a legend? Then you will enjoy our new game!