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First beta update!

We’ve received the first wave of feedback about the game, and are happy to present an update for the beta, which already includes some of your requests.

Closed Beta Testing Starts Now!

Closed beta testing has begun! Today we are sending out the first wave of invitations. Check your email and join us in the exploration of the fantastic X-Mercs: Invasion universe. Remember, your ultimate goal is to protect the Earth and save humanity!
If you haven’t signed up for beta testing yet, then now is the perfect time – sign up here!

Closed beta testing for X-Mercs announced

We are thrilled to announce that registration for the closed beta testing of  X-Mercs: Invasion is now open. Every member of our community has a chance to try the game out and help us make it better.
Go to  the special page on our website, sign up and wait for an invitation.

Chelicerae and Chitin

Greetings! Today we’re going to introduce another X-Mercs species to you, the Arachnid. Even though these creatures inhabit various climatic regions, have a hard chitinous shell and a poisonous sting, they do not pose any significant danger to grenade-armed soldiers.

Do you know where alien life originated from?

The origins of life have always been an exciting theme in human research and fantasy. How did it come to be: by a comet’s tail in a chaotic sea of primeval fluids, as the offspring of an odd energy, or by something inherently artificial?