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Save human civilization!

In the year 2040 a new natural resource was discovered on Earth, the blue crystals of Advinite. The global battle for these valuable resources had divided the world into two warring factions, but the worst was yet to come. Over time, the impact of the crystals slowly changed the planet’s nature. Monsters created by the Advinite radiation forced humans to hide in megapolises protected by invisible and impenetrable force fields. In the next 42 years, the warring superpowers and the endless struggle with nature made the demand for and popularity of private military companies skyrocket.

Gather an army

You are the head of one of many military companies. You have a high-tech military base at your disposal with the most powerful weapons and an army of professional soldiers. Your mission is to fight off the invasion of a mysterious alien species and save the human race. Train your army, construct new military buildings and fortify your base. Be ever vigilant against the possibility of new threats!

Defeat the aliens

The monsters created by radiation are a serious threat, but the main danger comes not from them. Vicious aliens want to conquer Earth and destroy humankind, and their plan might actually work! The diversity of the alien species is terrifying and their technology puts the most advanced human creations to shame. In order to deal with this threat you must study alien technology and turn their deadly weapons against their creators.

Complete different tasks

You will get a chance show off your tactical skills in epic turn-based battles against the most intelligent and dangerous opponents in the galaxy. Fight in different parts of the world and execute service contracts for both sides of the conflict. The balance of world power can be altered by a word from you! The fate of mankind rests on your shoulders! Save the Earth from alien invasion and forge a legend!