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A Threat From Above

Meet the Spikewings! These small pseudodragons seem to come straight from European legends of old.

Second poll results

The poll on X-Mercs base location is over, and it seems most of you prefer Europe.

New Art. Reptoids

Here we are with a new portion of the X-Mercs concept art! Meet the Reptoids, cold-blooded descendants of Old Earth predators.

Art Section Update

This Friday we are posting images of chupacabra — one of the monsters fighting on the side of aliens. It’s clear that approaching this vile beast is unsafe without armor and piercing weapons. Well, we hope that you will have all the needed gear when you encounter it! Have a nice weekend!

Where would you place your base? New poll!

This Monday we posted the results of our first survey, they can be found here. Today it’s time for another poll. As the head of a military corporation, in which part of the world would you set up your base?