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Achievement Contest

We all know that getting achievements is fun, but it can be demanding, and obtaining them can take all our skill and our full attention.
If you’ve come up with an achievement for X-Mercs that you’d like to see in the game, tell us about it! Who knows, you might just end up seeing your very own idea in the release!

Leave your ideas in this forum thread

Beta test has come to an end

The closed beta test of X-Mercs: Invasion has ended today; all in all, more than 500 players were chosen to participate in the testing.

Wells of Life

Our third poll, which was about the first intelligent life forms humans will discover in space, is officially over! Life created by our long-forgotten ancestors is in the lead with 40%.

2 days until beta testing ends

This weekend is your last chance to take part in the closed beta test. Shoot some aliens while you still can! On Monday the beta test will be over, but you still have two more days to play X-Mercs!

Lightning and Tentacles

On this wonderful winter day, we want to share something electrifying with you — sketches of puppeteers!

Fight aliens in a new online strategy game X-Mercs: Invasion, which is being released very soon!

Today among games for iPad, one of the most popular genres is war strategy. Very soon, fans will have a chance to play a free game of this category, because X-Mercs: Invasion is about to be released. The game’s publisher, Game Insight, allows everyone to download free games onto mobile devices.

In X-Mercs: Invasion, a hardcore strategy game, you will try out the role of a commander in a private military corporation, which is fighting against aliens for the sake of human survival in the year 2082. The game uses classic turn-based strategy mechanics as well as elements of RPGs.

War strategies are always engaging and exciting, and X-Mercs: Invasion is no exception. You will need to show your knowledge of strategy games as well as a good tactical mindset and considerable planning skills. Players will build an underground base with workshops and laboratories, develop new technologies and produce new gear that will help humanity in its fight against alien invaders. Aside from fighting AI opponents, players will have a chance to engage in PvP combat , making gameplay even more diverse and unexpected!

This title will be released on the App Store, and an Android version is also on its way. If you’re looking for some great games for iPhone, this exciting strategy is sure to get you hyped!