New Wallpapers

We have prepared new X-Mercs wallpapers! Download them and install on your devices. Hope you’ll like them.

UFO Section Update

Aliens like flying saucers, but they use other craft for interplanetary travel as well! 

The quadrupter finds its owner!

Our first contest is finished. We thank all our participants, and our winner, Elf1983, in particular; here we had a detailed answer with an unexpected ending. We hope that the Artemius barge survived the unlooked-for space encounter.

X-Mercs Contest

What could be better than winning a nice gift? For example, a new quadrocopter!

Factions Section Update

During the next few weeks, every Wednesday, we will be posting articles about the world of X-Mercs: Invasion and the gameplay features.

New screenshots and gamescom 2014 photos

Last week, gamescom 2014 finished. Several Game Insight projects were presented there, X-Mercs: Invasion being one of them. Every guest had the chance to play our new games, and many of them enjoyed the opportunity! You can see for yourself what did the game booth look like.

Global Fight

X-Mercs: Invasion is the newest Game Insight project; the game is settled in a great fantastic universe of the future. Maybe you are acquainted with the game already and would like to know more about the world of X-Mercs: Invasion? We’d be happy to answer your questions; we’ll also invite the game developers so that they may tell you how this game world was created and share the latest news with you as well.