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How can I move buildings on my military base?

Tap on the building you want to move and hold it until the menu appears. You can also use the building relocation button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

How do I increase energy production at my base?

Enter the base management mode and build an additional Power Plant or C. A. Reactor.

How do I hire mercs?

The same way you hire Scientists and Engineers: use the panel at the top of the screen or tap Hire in the Barracks. When hiring mercs, you can select their Class: Sniper, Heavy, or Scout, to best fit your current needs.

How do I hire more personnel?

Engineers and Scientists can be hired directly from the Manufacturing and Research menus. Or you can use the panel at the top of the screen.

What do colours on the world map stand for?

Colours on the world map show the following territories:

  1. Red - union sectors;
  2. Blue - alliance sectors;
  3. Other - neutral cities (green sectors), jungle, desert and abandoned cities.
How can I get Morbidium?

Morbidium is awarded for fighting and winning in PvP battles and successfully defending your base from rivals' attacks.

How do I level up my mercs?

In addition to Squad Experience, your mercs gain Experience in battle for killing enemies and using consumables. After each mission, Experience rewards are calculated individually for each merc. When a merc's Experience bar fills up, they gain a level. This is indicated by a green arrow next to a merc's portrait. Leveling up grants advantages to your fighters such as increased Health and additional Skill Points.

Is the environment in X-Mercs destructible?

Definitely! You can blow some game objects to pieces! Use it your tactical advantage. For instance, destroying enemy's cover will make them easy pickings for your squad. But don't forget the enemy can do the same!

How does economy in X-Mercs work?

When completing battle missions, you earn Credits that can be spent to expand your base of operations and hire more firepower. Morbidium is another important resource which you can acquire in PvP combats or purchase in the game bank. Morbidium allows you to get certain bonuses in PvP but don't expect it to be an ultimate weapon in the single player campaign.

What is Squad Experience and how do I use it?

Squad Experience is earned as your mercs complete battle missions. When you accumulate enough Squad Experience, you can spend it to level up your fighters, making them more deadly in combat. To do so, open your squad menu and tap Train at the bottom of the screen.

I’ve completed a manufacturing quest, but there is no reward. Why is that?

To get a reward for a manufacturing quest, you need to take the item from the manufacturing terminal and send it to the warehouse. Only after that, is the quest considered complete.

How can I invite my friends to play the game?

Link your game to Facebook and add your friend to the Friends list on Facebook.

How can I get help from my friend in a mission?

To get help during a mission, you have to press an icon in the lower right corner of the main screen. Note that your game should be linked to Facebook.

My chances of success in the expedition have decreased. What happened?

As your mercs begin to explore larger areas of territory, it becomes more difficult to find anything of value. The higher the level, the lower your chances of success in the expedition are.

Why do all my missions have an impossible status?

This difficulty issue has already been resolved. Please, pass through some of impossible missions to get less difficult ones.

Are enemy PvP resources (Medkits, Discharge Shields, etc.) limited?

Yes, your enemy has limited PvP resources. Also, they do not use Medkits.

How to increase an area progress rate?

An area progress rate is increased by completing missions on this territory. The more tasks you fulfill, the higher is this area progress rate and the more resources you can get for a mission accomplished.

Why did my cyborg merc lose one of its skills?

In case your cyborg merc falls in battle and you revive it without cybermodules, it loses one of its skills.

How can I use ammo modules?

You can use ammo modules during the battles. Press the button with the "+" symbol next to a weapon icon to see all the modules you have obtained.

Can I sell my extra resources and old equipment for credits in the game?

Currently such opportunity is not provided.

Who defends my base in PvP battles?

When your base is under attack by a rival PMC, your strongest mercs are dispatched to repel the enemy forces.

Is there a Leaderboard of deadliest merc commanders?

Of course there is! X-Mercs has a real-time Leaderboard ranking players with the highest Weekly Rating. Top ten players are rewarded with Morbidium each week based on their rankings.

What is the difference between Campaign Mode and PvP Mode?

Campaign and PvP are separate game modes, each with its own progress and features. While there are common resources and benefits shared between the two modes, PvP battles also allow you to earn Valor and raise your PvP Rank, as well as acquire a unique resource required to purchase special PvP gear.

I’ve reached level 21/rank 8. What do I do now?

Congratulations, it appears you’ve completed the storyline! At present, 21 is the level cap in the game. Test your skills in PvP mode! Rank 8 is the maximum PvP rank, but in the future, we’ll lift both the level cap and the maximum PvP rank. Follow the news for word of any new updates!

What happens if my entire squad is KIA?

If all your mercs die in combat, the mission is failed but there's still a chance to bring your squad back to life. You can choose from two options: Cyborgization instantly revives a fallen merc with no level loss and even unlocks new abilities for them while Reanimation decreases the revived merc's level by 1 and takes some time to perform. You can also choose to cremate your fighter, removing them from the game permanently.

Where can I find my Support ID?

To view your Support ID, tap on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Support ID is the alphanumeric sequence at the bottom of the menu.

What happens if the game crashes during battle?

When you enter the game after a crash, you’ll find yourself in the same battle at the same moment when the error occured.

I’ve changed the time on my device but the timer in the game did not reset. Why?

The change of time on you device does not in any way affect the timers in the game. Be aware that changing the time on your device can cause a synchronization error in the game!

How do I link my account to Facebook?

Please, perform the following steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Open your Facebook settings
  2. Edit your emails
  3. Add another email and confirm it
  4. Make the second email your primary email, and delete the first. Save changes
  5. Now repeat all the steps again with the email you want to use

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My game download freezes at 17%, 25%, 40% or 80%. What can be done about that?

Make sure you have at least 10 Mb of free space on your device and the latest versions of the game (1.7) and iOS (9.2).

How can I restore my game progress if I reinstall the game on my device or change devices?

In case your was authorized in Game Center, your game progress is saved automatically there. If you reinstall the game on your device or install it on another device, you will continue playing from the last moment when you connected to Game Center.

If you was authorized in PvP in your previous game, you can also restore in-game progress in the following way:

  1. Pass the first tutorial mission in a new game.
  2. Enter the lobby and first of all press the gear button in the upper right corner of the game window:
  3. Press the GI Play button in the Menu window:
  4. Fill in the fields in the authorization window to log in:
  5. Use the Restore save option:
  6. Confirm your choice:

Come across with any difficulties? Please, contact our Support Team for assistance upon neccessity.

Why can't I install the game on my iPhone 4/iPod touch 4?

X-Mercs supports iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad Mini with Retina Display and later. Older models, including iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4, are not compatible with the game.

How can I play without Internet connection and get my progress saved?

In case you play without Internet connection (off-line), the game progress is saved in a file on your device.

Meantime, we would like to call your attention to the following specific case - if you play off-line and when turn on Internet connection and update the game straightaway, your in-game progress gained while playing off-line won't be saved. To update the game and get the game progress saved, one should follow this way:

  1. Employ the option that arranges time and date automatically in device settings.
  2. Open the game with Internet connection enabled.
  3. Your progress will synchronize with the server, after that you can update the game.
Can I reset my progress and start over?

The option of resetting your progress is not currently present in the application.

How can I make a backup copy to restore the game?

You can make backup with the help of iCloud/iTunes and use it to restore your in-game progress. Please see here to find more information on the procedure:

Note that any purchases of game currency you've made prior to your latest backup will not be reimbursed when you restore the game data to your device.