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Your Base is the heart of your military corporation. Select squad members for your next mission, research new technologies, manufacture armor and equipment for your soldiers and construct new buildings to expand your operation. Your skilled advisors will assist you plan your strategy as you select missions where your squad of mercs will be deployed.

  • Command Center

    Command Center is the heart of your base. All intelligence and mission data flows in here. Command Center also provides tactical advice during missions. Upgrading your Command Center is a prerequisite for upgrading other buildings.

  • Hangar

    Hangar is used to house, refuel and maintain your shuttle.

  • Barracks

    Barracks provide additional housing space for your troops.

  • Science Bay

    Science Bay increases the number of scientists you can hire.

  • Armory

    Armory is where you manufacture different gear and devices for your base. It also serves as barracks for your Engineers, allowing to hire more of them.

  • Infirmary

    Sick and wounded soldiers are treated in the Infirmary.

  • Power Plant

    Power Plant uses thermal energy to generate electricity.

  • Shadow Market

    Shadow Market works in the shady sectors of the economy. It is not legal, but brings in a lot of Credits.

  • Warehouse

    Warehouse provides storage space for different Resources.

  • Containment cell

    A special room intended for containment of dangerous life forms.

  • C.A. Reactor

    Controlled Annihilation Reactor (CAR) uses Advinite crystals as fuel. It allows to generate tremendous amounts of energy while having relatively small size.

  • Expedition HQ

    Expedition HQ allows you to launch missions for valuable resources.

  • Supercomputer

    Supercomputer is next-generation data-processing hub. It is required to analyse information coming from your Science Labs. The more Science Bays you have, the more Supercomputers you will have to build.