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Veronica Simpson

Commander’s adjutant, in charge of running the command center of the PMC. Provides tactical advice during missions and tracks down lucrative contracts for the company.


Men go crazy for this dark-eyed dark-haired beauty, but don’t let her looks fool you. What Veronica has on her military record at her young age most men can’t achieve in a lifetime.


Determined, prudent and cool-headed, Veronica is a faithful ally with a rather sharp tongue. She is an expert tactician with profound knowledge of firearms and people. Veronica prefers to stay in good shape with her morning runs and shooting training. Other mercs hold her in high esteem and consider her one of their own. Rude jokes or behavior don’t work very well around Veronica and are the fastest way to the infirmary: among other talents, she is very skilled with knives.


Veronica grew up in the city of New Liberty in the family of a military officer. Following in her father’s footsteps, she went to a military school and graduated with honors. Veronica commanded a squad in the Alliance army and quickly rose to the rank of Lieutenant but was forced to leave service due to sexual harassment from one of her superiors. They say that the perpetrator regretted his unfortunate actions while being treated for multiple knife wounds and fractures. By some miracle, Veronica wasn’t convicted (on the charges of excessive force) but her military career was over. Still, her set of skills and excellent professional traits have made her more than welcome in the private sector.