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05 June 2016

Can't trust humans, Commanders, we all learn this lesson the hard way.

When grenades are gone and revival is impossible under a storm of bullets, it's time to roll out the best Science Bay idea—combat drones.

You may have encountered similar mechanical beasts on the enemy side during missions, but only under your guidance can these killing machines show their true potential and exterminate the battlefield.

Why drone

First of all, drones are reusable. It's not just an item, it's a career-long friend that comes back if it survives the missionjust take care of your drones and don't send them somewhere they might not return from.

Also, drones cannot be poisoned. PvP flooded with Cobra chips? Acid grenades? Turn on combat unit that doesn't breathe and have no fear.

But the best part comes when you discover that drones are a full sixth member of your squad, each able to scout ahead, take the initial hit and create an opening for Storm Troopers and Destroyers to bust in.

How to drone

To produce your own battle drones or to purchase them with credits, you first need to complete the research of that drone in Science Bay.

Almost there! Now, either buy them in the Command Center store or manufacture them in your Armory, then head into the battle.

At any point during the mission, you can find your drone among items.

And then pick any free spot to unleash the robotic fury of Dr. Wagner!

Droning tips

Maybe you know all of the above already, but did you know that...

  • Drones don't take squad space and are manually controlled
  • Drones are somewhat weak to EMP grenades, but solid under fire
  • You can have 1 active drone at a time, if it gets destroyed you can summon another one, and both types of drones count as one
  • Drones can't be healed, due to the obvious lack of body

Oh, you did? Right. Then join the discussion on Forum and share your own tips on how to drone! We'll make sure that helpful tips are rewarded with special gratitude, called 100x [Morbidium].

Until next guide.

- HQ out.