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10 August 2016

There's an unyielding power to always persevere in all of us, Commanders, and it's called the Superweapons Tab of Items.

No mission is too hard and no catastrophe too big when you're equipped to handle it, and we'll teach you how to be in 2 steps.

During the mission you can access all superweapons by pressing on the currently equipped one and holding it for a couple of seconds.

If you don't have any equipped yet, press on the big + in the first slot.

Now you're playing with power! Pick your superweapon of choice or buy one, if you haven't yet. All purchased items will be carried into future missions, so it won't hurt to stock up you'll meet plenty of enemies.

Ion Cannon
Damage: 2500
Area of Effect: 1.5
Cooldown: 2 turns
Price: 6800

The surgical (and quite cheap) way to kill almost any monster with a single blast. While Ion Cannon doesn't have the same range as other superweapons, it's your surest bet against a sudden Juggernaut.

Orbital Bombardment
Damage: 2500
Area of Effect: 4
Cooldown: 3 turns
Price: 8500

An absolute disaster and the most effective item in the game Orbital Bombardment can clear most of the map for 1 AP and has the same recharge time as Ion Cannon. If this isn't Efficiency 101, then what is?

Reanimates all mercs
Restores: 90% health
Cooldown: 10 turns
Price: 12750

When you find yourself in a situation with one member of your squad left alive, we advice to go for the gold and use Revival to bring them all back. The only downside is its long cooldown, but at that point you better keep in mind why you needed Revival in the first place.

Area Scan
Uncovers enemies
Has a cool effect
Cooldown: 2 turns
Price: 3400

No doubt the most useful and beautiful creation of the High Council's Science Lab, Area Scan can spot even the stealthiest of chupacabras.

Superweapon and Me

Are you salty enough with the orbital ways and know better when to use them? Share your best practices with other Commanders by pressing on "Discuss" and get 200 Morbidium for your priceless knowledge!

- HQ out.

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