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19 March 2016
X-MERCS 101:

Remember how your snipers would line up several enemies for one beautiful shot, your scouts storm a whole rival squad, your heavies unload on a roaring Juggernaut, but nobody saw your triumphs?

Time to write your name in history (of a file).

JUMP : How to record your iPhone/iPad on Mac and on Windows PC.

How to record from iPhone/iPad on Mac

Recording on Mac is easy. All you need is:

  • USB-cable from your iPhone/iPad
  • OS X updated up to Yosemite (10.10+)
  • X-Mercs installed on the device

1) Connect your iPad/iPhone via USB to your Mac and launch iTunes:

Choose "Trust this computer" on your device and identify it in iTunes.

2) Search for QuickTime Player:

3) Choose "File", then "New Movie Recording"

4) Find your iPhone/iPad in the drop-down menu of the player:

5) QuickTime will begin streaming your device. Press on the Record icon in the middle and you will see both time and size increase:

6) When you stop recording, choose "File", then save the video, export it to a different format or share it through Youtube and Vimeo apps:

How to record from iPhone/iPad on Windows PC

You will need:

  • X-Mercs installed on iPad/iPhone
  • PC with Windows 7/8/10
  • Shared WiFi network

To record videos from your device you will "mirror" what is happening on your iPad/iPhone to your PC by using streaming software.

Download AirServer from the official website and install it. Choose "Try" after launching AirServer and get ready to stream some mercs.

1) After the activation step, AirServer will be minimized in notifications:

2) Click on its icon and look for "Settings". By default, AirServer is ready to receive video from your device with no additional configuration, though you can set your PC name by filling in "Computer name:"

3) After that, make sure that your PC and iPad/iPhone are connected to the same WiFi network, swipe up on the device and open AirPlay:

4) In the menu choose your PC and turn on "Mirroring". AirServer will automatically begin receiving game video in a new window.

5) You're set and ready to film! Free software for recording videos is numerous on Windows. We recommend to look at Fraps and OBS.

6) To begin and end your recording press F9, which leaves you with a perfect .avi to upload directly to Youtube or cut it in editing software.

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