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30 May 2018
Mercs of Boom 2.018


We’ve been working on several updates to the game throughout the year, and today we’re finally ready to share what’s coming, how to join open beta for a new platform, and we’re also very happy to share the full list of changes that is already live and waiting for you to play!

Mercs of Boom

But first of all, let’s meet the new name of the game -- Mercs of Boom! We’ve been inspired by the work of our colleagues at Guns of Boom and to share the same level of quality and craft in both projects we’re changing the name “X-Mercs” to Mercs of Boom. Does it mean the game will change its world or story? Not at all, it’s still the same game you know and love, with the same cast of seasoned mercenaries and the fight to save our home from the enemy.

Update 2.018

We also thank you for the suggestions and feedback you continue to send us on Facebook and on the Forum! With your feedback in mind, we’ve released Update 2.018 for the game which includes a new friends system, removed and reduced timers, better graphics and much more!

Check out the full list of changes below:

  • New Friends system. No need to use your Facebook account. Just open Friends menu and search by Nickname, or open any profile and send friend request.
  • No more waiting between battles! Mercs of Boom was always about fights, tactics and your squad. We completely reworked timers, and now there is no more waiting for healing injured mercenaries, building or upgrading your base, manufacturing items and equipment. We also didn't completely remove but reduced by up to 12 times waiting for high-level manufacturing, research and revival.
  • Graphics quality settings. Ultra High graphics option is now available for the best quality possible. You can also lower this setting to preserve battery life.
  • Pro Motion support. In case you have the latest iPad Pro model with its gorgeous 120Hz display, you can enable 120 FPS mode in Mercs of Boom for maximum comfort.
  • Language selection. Decided to play on a different language? No problem, just select the one you prefer in settings menu and enjoy without changing device settings.
  • Significantly reduced download size of the game in AppStore. You can now get Mercs of Boom over mobile network and download additional resources within the game whenever you want.
  • Truly cross-platform experience. From the beginning it was our goal to let players enjoy the game from as many devices as they want, and we are almost here. Last year Mercs of Boom launched for desktop devices and supports both touch and mouse-keyboard controls. And if you use both iOS and Android devices, Mercs of Boom is coming to Google Play too. And your profile can be transferred from any of the above. We encourage you to create GI Play account and use it to play across devices. Take Mercs of Boom with you anywhere!
  • New Armor

    After the crushing defeat from the combined might of all Commanders, the remaining Arbiter forces have retreated through a series of portals into an unidentified location. It took us years to collect enough enemy remains for studies back at the base, but with the fully upgraded Science Bay and Dr. Vagner leading the research, we managed to replicate and even improve the armor used by the incursion forces of Arbiter almost 2 years ago. Check them out:

    New armor was manufactured in incredibly low numbers, and to unlock its production your base must first reach 2 new Commander levels and 1 new PvP rank. Who’s going to be 1st?

    New Ranks

    With Update 2.018 we’re introducing 2 new Commander levels for PvE missions and 1 new PvP rank for battles against other players. You will need to reach both to unlock new armor.

    Android Version

    And the best we saved for last. Long-awaited and most difficult to develop version of Mercs is now finally ready for everyone to test! Starting today, you can download open beta of Mercs of Boom on Google Play store, and pick up right where you left of on any other version! Just launch the game on your Android device, recover your iOS or Windows 10 progress and get back into action with your squad and base completely intact. Synchronize the game regularly to make sure your progress is uploaded to the game servers and you will be able to return back and play all other versions of the game simultaneously with the same account.

    Download and check out Mercs of Boom on Google Play today!

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