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16 March 2016

Sometimes, to build new you have to go back and look at the old. During yesterday's research into more powerful equipment for mercs, our scientists visited the archives and discovered folders full of photos from the very first base. We asked what would you like to see on social media, and you have chosen to uncover armor sets from the beginning of PMCs:

Basic armor sets

This is how we envisioned starting armor, but due to the high cost of resources necessary to produce it as complex as the initial schematics, we had to simplify the whole design. In the end, your rank I mercs are often out of operations too soon to appreciate complexity.

Mid-level armor sets

After facing mutant hordes and building up your base, we wanted to give you something to be proud of owning. Something special for your mercs. Unfortunately, they did not perform well with most PMCs.

High-level armor sets

Closer to your current peak of power, new armor was going to look more deadly (to beat Jericho forces for good is to out-skull them), but in field tests such armor was distracting for your own troops.

Prototype/scrapped armor sets

There's a whole set of folders filled with designs that turned out immensely expensive or unstable to produce, but occasionally, we go back and wonder what could have worked, if it was made. Such are these.

Would you like to see more?

These archives are almost endless and mercs constantly request more gear to counter greater threats, so we go back and shuffle through old papers. If you'd like to see more of them, let us know by pressing on the "Discuss" button or reaching out on social media. Your opinion matters.

Until next time, Commanders.