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31 March 2016

In 2040 humanity entered an era full of mutated wildlife, ever present threat from the beyond and private military companies, trying to hold off a new world dead set on devouring remnants of the old.

Recently, Gia Wagner did a quick research on Earth's creatures past the Advinite discovery. At the time, mutation was so rapid, that some species could become almost unrecognizable within a week only to perish in the next, while others remain identical 40 years later.

Good thing that all PMCs were instructed to document their first enemy contacts and, thanks to them, HQ can look at the old photos once more.


Before we called other creatures by the same name, Pterots were an unexpected return of prehistoric life to Earth, enhanced by someone. This mystery will have to remain unsolved, as they are long gone.


Initially thought to be a wild pairing of squids and spiders, they were fairly soon confirmed to be not from this world. As we learned that killing Puppeteers will weaken waves of Chupacabras that they unleash, no other interest remained except "how to reload faster".

Drone Hunters

When organic life held no surprise for humanity, a new threat appeared and creatures like Drone Hunters came down upon us. As we struggle to understand their true goals, one thing is certain - they can be shot down. Good enough for any reasonable merc.


The most powerful Advinite creations were rarely seen, but we still don't know what happened to several megacities who reported their coming. A single photo and a few wastelands, everything that is filed under "Crystallids".


Most recently, beasts of flesh and metal appeared on the battlefield. At first, we were successful at killing off their pilots fairly easy, but later they were modified and new field requests are coming in: more armor, more shields, more Sharpshooters needed.


2 pairs of arms, invisibility, no digestion system and most battle logs with words "sorcery" in them. Shades are known to sow true terror in new recruits, meanwhile, veterans are simply staking up on grenades.

Would you like to see more?

These are but a few photos discovered by Dr. Wagner, and she is still shuffling through the dusty folders. Let us know if you'd like to see more by pressing "Discuss" and posting your ideas about future Archives.

- HQ out.