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14 July 2016

In a world hellbent on killing your squad, Commanders, you need to know the enemy extremely well to keep most of your mercs alive.

Luckily, our recon team is back with intel on some poisonous...

Legs that spawn for days, bites that sting more than a Reaper pistol, arachnids will evolve as you continue to progress through the story and big swarms will often have leaders that are noticibely more powerful.

The first type that you encounter will have 350 health, 500 damage, and 30% critical chance for each attack. It may not seem much, but the following guidelines are written primarily with overconfident blood.

Rule №1: Watch Your Back

You're getting cocky, your snipers are rushing ahead and think that Sentry mode or Defend will save them even from the end times. But then, your scout reaches the mission goal and your squad is instantly surrounded by the arachnids buried under your unsuspected troops.

To avoid such surprises, try to stick together in groups of at least 2, move up as a single unit and save a couple of grenades just in case.

Rule №2: Always Be Ready

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Thanks to a modern miracle of intense training and heavy troopers, there is a way to be ready for any unexpected company on 4+ legs.

If you roll with Destroyers in your squad, make sure you have:

Be Prepared! (Passive)

Fires a shot at the first enemy that moves within 4 cells

This skill will ensure that any new bug that dares to run past your trooper will be instantly removed from the game (still, 350 health).

And if you prefer to have a solid comeback, teach your Defenders:

Counterpunch (Passive)

Fires a counterattack against first melee attacker each turn

Using Dig In to provoke arachnids or simply being the first to get hit, you will return the favor and most certainly finish off the attacker.

Rule №3: Learn & Share

When you find an item or a skill particularly useful against arachnids, let everyone know by pressing on "Discuss" and help others survive in a harsh reality crawling with spiderbugs!

Until next threat.

- HQ out.

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