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23 August 2016

The mission was simple: get in, scan the nest and extract all squad members, preferably alive. What those eggheads back at the base didn't say is that the second our mercs would reach the mission goal, all of the discovered map would explode with a hellish combination of screeches, fangs and poison. They didn't say it was a nest of...

Appearing early in the game, Raptors join our previous horrors in the type of enemies that evolves as the story moves forward. Your first encounter with them will feature a 600 health deep, 500 damage strong and 30% critical species, which later grows to be a gigantic (literally) pain in the lower armor, poisoning your mercs for several turns.

While these nasty and completely original monsters are at the most dangerous in groups, they can also be very clever on their own.

Fortunately, we just received top-quality directives on how to fight.

Rule №1: Defend your rear

Running missions you will often have a risk of going through a point on the map that spawns a raptor, then two, then a dozen, surrounding your squad in one turn. And if your scouts and heavy troopers can handle melee, you are advised to gather snipers near them for defense.

Rule №2: Recruit more Rangers

Useful in every battle, Rangers are very effective at dealing with groups of enemies, and when your enemies don't have a lot of health, a pair of well-trained snipers can clear the whole map withing a single turn:

Double Tap

Attacks a second target within LoS at -25% damage

Line 'Em Up (passive)

+1 target for Double Tap skill

Firing Squad (passive)

Killing uncovered enemies costs 0 AP (up to 3 times)

Multiple shots per action and free kills will ensure that your Rangers are an everlasting hurricane of bullets, vengeance, and occasional reload.

Learn by fighting

Take these advises for a spin and share with other Commanders how to battle horrors - press on "Discuss"!

Good luck.

- HQ out.