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02 September 2016

Today, PvP throne is being held by the unyielding power of KvA~s~GvA!

Top Players (Global rating, September 2)

  1. SDFLY with 10058 valor, earning 400 Morbidium
  2. StarQnaked with 6067 valor, earning 300 Morbidium
  3. BOMB_46 with 5816 valor, earning 200 Morbidium

Top Syndicates (Global rating, September 2)

  1. KvA~s~GvA with 2160 valor, earning 5000 Morbidium
  2. Неудержимые with 1140 valor, earning 3000 Morbidium
  3. Top Team with 1109 valor, earning 1000 Morbidium

At the same time, Неудержимые are returning, and we've prepared a risky proposition for you, Commanders. Since it's easy to guess who's best every week, what about those that are closing in?

  1. Until next Friday, guess who will take the 3rd place
  2. Correctly name a syndicate or a player and get Mk. III
  3. Correctly name both and get an Mk. IV chip

Press "Discuss" and shape the future!

- HQ out.