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01 June 2016

Commanders, we're happy to share with you Update 1.9.1! Read below how we've dealt with a lot of small bugs, why PvP is becoming guilt-free and what interface elements now properly remember your position.

PvP rewards

We know, you love raiding other bases for credits, valor and morbidium. The goal of PvP mode was always to be an ultimate competition, a way to see who's best. For a lot of players, active PvP meant losing credits constantly, or opting out of PvP entirely by playing offline. This wasn't our intention, and with Update 1.9.1 we're removing stealing credits through PvP. We believe that you should not be afraid of losing your main currency while fighting other Commanders for PvP-specific valor and morbidium. We understand, for some it was a huge part of the income, but there's always an unidentified flying object worth more.

New Features

  • Back by popular demand, Armory scroll now sticks to the last chosen item, helping you to order gear faster and in bulk;
  • Main Menu now has "Play on Several Devices" button, which will help you sync your current progress and add a special icon indicating synchronization process next to the Menu;


  • Mercs that receive light wounds now have short healing duration;
  • Chip slots now have colored backgrounds for upgrades;
  • Visual optimization;
  • AI optimization;
  • Interface improvements;
  • Additional fixes for crashes during missions;
  • Modules with 0 charges will not be displayed during battle.


Help us improve the gameshare your thoughts on how PvP will change and what new features are the most usefulpress "Discuss"!

UPDATE: Shadow Market Rewards, Red Spikewings Immortal

Commanders, we received reports of Shadow Markets having wrong rewards. Right now, Shadow Markets work properly, but have incorrect order of the text labels. Don't worry, pressing on the first Shadow Market button on the left will get you the first credits reward.

Also, we know about the issue with Red Spikewings and the mystical "no corpse" ability they have now. We are hard at work to fix the problem as soon as possible. Thank you all for reporting the menace!

- HQ out.