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29 March 2016

At level 6 you will face a choice: to specialize your Snipers into Rangers or Sharpshooters? While our Library has all the skill descriptions you can read, new players may not know intricate details of why one specialization is better for some missions and not others. Today, we welcome any tips from veterans on who is the deadliest among snipers and why, with best forum posts earning 3x [Orbital Bombardment].

Meanwhile, HQ is ready to share a few tips of our own.


Masters of the Killstreak, at level 6 your Rangers can hit up to 2 targets in a single shot, thanks to Double Tap:

Double Tap icon

Double Tap

Attacks a second target within a line of sight at -25% Damage

But they truly shine after reaching level 11, when Rangers can learn Line 'Em Up and Firing Squad combo:

Line 'Em Up

+1 target for Double Tap skill

Firing Squad

Killing uncovered enemies costs 0 AP (up to 3 kills per turn)

Combining those 3 skills, you can unleash a hurricane of death upon your enemies, especially useful in PvE missions with lots of creatures.


AKA Bubble Busters, at level 6 these mercs can deal a monstrous amount of damage to a single target with Penetrating Shot:

Penetrating Shot

Ignores target's Armor

Leveling past 10, they learn Executioner to enhance basic Trained Shot:

Trained Shot

+50% to Damage


+20% Damage with Trained Shot

Dishing out this much damage is the only sure way to deal with hordes of heavy mercs in PvP and such giant beasts as Juggernaut.

We would like to know more

But maybe you have another take on each specialization and its role on the battlefield? Why then, continue to the Forum thread by pressing "Discuss" and let us know your thoughts on who's who among Snipers! Most insightful posts will earn 3x [Orbital Bombardment].

Until next report, Commanders.

- HQ out.